Art Speaks to all People

When we as humans look at a painting, photos, sculptures, architecture, or anything considered worth staring at we can usually label these creations as artwork.  When thinking of art as just that, a beautiful, strange, or even unattractive piece the language is the same for all persons no matter the language they speak. Art and artwork is a universal language of humans as people who speak different languages often perceive that same feeling or a very similar feeling a piece emits when showed.

I remember in Rome, a woman and I were admiring a fresco within the catacombs beneath Rome when I noticed we were admiring a certain corner that still had its vivid green paint and detail. Without using words, we glanced at one another knowing that each were having the same awe inspiring moment with that beautiful corner of the catacomb fresco.

I came to the realization that artwork is a universal language that can bring two or more people in the same frame of mind simultaneously even if  the parties cannot verbally communicate effectively, a piece of art that sparks a feeling can and will talk to the human race who takes the time to appreciate these moments in time we call works of art.

It can be a magical experience and bring various cultures together, but we also see a negative side as seen with ISIL/Daesh destruction of priceless art due to their intolerance and ignorance. This example is rare, but happens throughout history which is why we must continue arts and humanities for our children.

Pond water reflection


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